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JD Asia Is A Full Service Professional Digital Agency Working In Most Popular Channels, Tailored For Your Specific Needs.


Our Story

We, JD Asia, were established in 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to provide effective marketing solutions to local and regional businesses. Our focus has always been on delivering exceptional services tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Over the years, we expanded our services to include sales agency and social media agency divisions, allowing us to offer comprehensive marketing strategies combining traditional and digital approaches. By leveraging our expertise in sales and social media, we help businesses increase brand visibility, engage their target audience, and drive conversions.

Recognizing the importance of online presence, we established a dedicated department for website development and SEO in 2016. Our team creates user-friendly websites and improves search engine rankings to increase organic traffic. In 2017, we became an official reseller for Facebook, elevating our social media marketing capabilities. We also partnered with major channels like Google, TikTok, and local media platforms.

In 2020, we ventured into office renting services, providing flexible and fully equipped workspaces to support our clients' growth. With a client-centric approach and expertise in marketing strategy, sales, social media, website development, SEO, and office renting, we have built strong relationships and helped businesses thrive. JD Asia remains a trusted partner for comprehensive marketing solutions in Vietnam.
JD Asia Marketing Agency is built upon a set of core values that guide its operations and interactions with clients. These values reflect the agency's commitment to excellence and its dedication to delivering top-notch marketing solutions. Based on the provided information, the following core values can be attributed to JD Asia:

Client-Centric Approach: JD Asia places the needs and goals of its clients at the forefront of its operations. The agency understands that each client is unique and strives to provide personalized and tailored marketing solutions that align with their specific objectives. By adopting a client-centric approach, JD Asia fosters long-term partnerships built on trust, collaboration, and mutual success.

Innovation and Adaptability: JD Asia embraces innovation and stays ahead of industry trends to ensure its clients benefit from the latest marketing strategies and techniques. The agency continuously seeks out new and creative ways to reach and engage target audiences, leveraging emerging technologies and platforms. With a commitment to adaptability, JD Asia navigates the ever-changing marketing landscape to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive results.

Quality and Expertise: JD Asia prides itself on delivering high-quality services backed by a team of skilled professionals. The agency recruits and retains experts in various marketing disciplines, including sales, social media, website development, SEO, and more. By maintaining a team of industry experts, JD Asia ensures that its clients receive the best possible guidance, strategies, and execution to achieve their marketing objectives.

Integrity and Transparency: JD Asia operates with integrity and transparency in all its dealings. The agency believes in open and honest communication with clients, ensuring that they are well-informed about the strategies, progress, and outcomes of their marketing campaigns. JD Asia values trust and strives to build long-lasting relationships with clients based on integrity, professionalism, and ethical business practices.

Results-Driven Approach: JD Asia is dedicated to delivering tangible results for its clients. The agency sets clear objectives, measures performance, and continuously evaluates the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. By analyzing data, metrics, and market trends, JD Asia optimizes campaigns to maximize return on investment and drive meaningful business outcomes for its clients.

These core values shape JD Asia Marketing Agency's culture, guide its decision-making process, and underline its commitment to providing exceptional marketing services. Through client-centricity, innovation, expertise, integrity, and a results-driven approach, JD Asia strives to exceed client expectations and solidify its position as a trusted partner in the marketing industry.

Our Core Value

JD Asia throughout the years

Setting up and running online sale channel for electronic and lighting company.


Branding for mega real estate projects in Binh Duong, Vietnam
Telecommunication for South Korea's government project in Vietnam
Branding for highschool system in HCMC, and Hanoi, Vietnam